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Addressing Perimenopause Lesson 2

Stress reduction: Practiced regularly, stress reduction techniques, such as meditation on God's word ( The holy Bible), can promote relaxation and good health throughout a person's lifetime, but may be particularly helpful during the peri-menopausal transition.

Supplements: Certain nutritional and herbal supplements can help ameliorate the symptoms of peri-menopause. These would include
Balanced Woman Cream or Wild Yam Capsules
Menopause Formular or Menopause Support
Evening Primrose Oil
Flax Oil
Oil of Oregano
Vitamin b12/b6/Folic Acid
Natural Vitamin E
aN Iodine Supplement or Sea Vegetables ( e.g Brown Seaweed, Kelp)
Vitamin D3
vitamin C with Cytrus Bioflavanoids
Red Clover
Maca Root
Black Cohosh
 Dong Quai etc.
One piece of recent research shows that melatonin supplementation in peri-menopausal women can produce a highly significant improvement in thyroid function and Gonadotropin levels, as well as restoring menstruation and fertility and preventing the depression associated with menopause. Note: it is always wise to seek professional advice before taking the listed supplement

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