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Health: hiccups Quick Remedy

For hiccups are hold your breath, gargle with water, Place an ice bag on the diaphragm for sometime, Sip ice water quickly

Health: Remedy For Low Blood Pressure

                                                                                                                                    Hot Epsom salt bath are one of the simplest remedy for low blood pressure

home remedy for lower high blood pressure               
what home remedy can be used to reduce high blood pressure?               
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home remedies for lowering high blood pressure

Health: flowering cholesterol level

Sunflower seeds are good in flowering cholesterol level. Substitute sunflower seeds for some of the solid fats

Health: wound cleanser and healer

Vinegar is a natural astringent, it cleanses wound & helps in healing. Dilute vinegar with water then pat it over the open abrasion.

Health: Prevention of Allergies

To prevent allergies, clean humid areas, such as the bathroom and basement, with a fungicide. A cheap and effective one is bleach.