Discover The 7 Basic Principles for Successful Weight Loss!

7 ways To Prevent Heartburn

1.  Eat smaller more frequent meals

2.  Limit your intake of  Acid-stimulating foods and beverages

3.  Don't eat between 2-3 hour before bed

4.  Don't wear clothes that are tight fitting around waist

5.  Don't smoke, don't drink alcoholic

6.  Elevate your head a few inches while you sleep

7.  Maintain a reasonable weight

Natural Remedy For Depression

If you have had a depression,you know how hopeless you can feel. Exercise, changing your diet & even playing with a pet can help improve your mood.

fruit or vegetable You Be In Your Daily Food

Add just a fruit or vegetable serving daily. When you get comfortable with that, add an extra serving per day until you reach 8-10 servings per day.

A smoothie made with fat-free milk, frozen fruit, is a good meal replacement

A smoothie made with fat-free milk, frozen fruit, and wheat germ (or protein powder) can be a great meal replacement.

Arthritis Pain Relive Naturally

A gentle message with warm olive oil is very effective ti relieve arthritis pain.

Importance Oof Milk on Your Body

Consume milk and honey daily in the morning for a smooth glowing skin.

A watermelon Is an Ideal health Food

A watermelon is an ideal health food, it is 92% water, doesn't contain any fat & is a great source of vitamin A, B6, & beta-carotene.

Headache Cure With Nuatural Remedy

To cure headache, make  a paste of 1 tbsp sandalwood powder with 1 tbsp water & apply it on your temple, let it dry for 20 minutes.

Maintaining Your Youthful Age WithSpinach

Spinach is known to be anti-aging vegetable and reverses age related breakdowns making your look youthful and fresh.

Eat More starches like potatoes, rice & pasta When Your Body Needs Energy

Their is no need to avoid starches like potatoes, rice & pasta after your workout when your body is in need of instant energy.

Laugh! Let humor enter your life. For Sound Body

Laugh! Let humor enter your life. One of the easiest ways of being healthier is to find a way to relax more and have more fun.

Maintaining Sound Body By Eating more fruits and vegetables.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. This is because they have fairly high water content and good salt balance.